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Yes, but my confidence waxes and wanes depending on the context. Who is this question for in the first place? I’m going to make assumptions for the sake of conversation and sanity and suggest that game designers and game masters want to know the answer. “Does the game system matter?”

The game designer wants to know because it helps them understand what they’re doing, why it matters, and how they might make better games.

The game master wants to know because it helps them decide what game to play, how to play it, and how to share the game with…

Creative Advertising Lessons

Why values and behavior are more important

I graduated with 100 advertising professionals at VCU Brandcenter, and I think all of us compared workplace culture like Pokemon cards — trying to divine which were toxic and which were exemplary.

And who could blame us? Workplace culture is the focus of magazines, scholarly journals, court cases, and entire industry-rocking scandals.

And yet, despite our divination, plenty of us landed where the culture didn’t match the packaging. Most of us didn’t. And ever since then, I’ve slowly crept to a realization.

Workplace culture is real, but it’s pointless to look for it.

What is Agency Culture?

Culture is a feature, like Corinthian leather…

This is what I think of our Vice-President.

Mike Pence looks like a G.I. Joe trained in hand-to-hand abstinence.

Every time Pence goes on television, he looks like he’s going to outlaw the X-Men.

Mike Pence is a joke without a punchline that you really want to punch.

Mike Pence doesn’t believe in evolution because his policies haven’t evolved in 4,000 years.

Mike Pence isn’t in the KKK because he thinks all sheets are sexual.

Mike Pence hitched a ride on Noah’s Arc as a barnacle.

Eve came from Adam’s rib and Mike Pence came from Adam’s ass.

Mike Pence looks like he escaped a White Supremacy Lego…

Creative Advertising Lessons

How to conquer the banner ad as a junior creative team

As a budding copywriter, I learned to treat every brief like an opportunity.

No matter what—give everything your 110%. Make your own luck. Perfect projects are not given to junior creative teams. So, if you want to succeed at an agency, you have to turn lead into gold. You have to put in the work.

Every brief is an opportunity.

Except when it isn’t.

Don’t sacrifice your mental health, your sleep, or your energy trying to perform miracles. …

From board games to brand strategy to nuclear war. The strategy we need for tomorrow’s problems and how to learn it.

Dark patterned background with the words, “game theory & board games” typed in the lower right corner.
Dark patterned background with the words, “game theory & board games” typed in the lower right corner.

Game theory is not game design. It’s a multifaceted study like architecture that mixes economics, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and design into one academic practice. In other words, game theory is an asset like anything else in the creative professional’s toolbox. It’s something you can hone and seek out as a form of professional development the way reading novels improves copywriting, watching films improves art direction, and improv can make better presenters.

This article will give you a crash course into game theory — the arcane art of Napoleon and Jeff Bezos. And it will defend my hobby from the advice…

How and why I infuriated corporate by changing my email signature.

I work at a creative agency called MullenLowe, and for the last two years, I’ve been discretely changing my email signature.

Here’s why:

First, I never identified with Junior Copywriter. I chose the career because it was the best way to be creative, strategic, and not homeless. Copywriters don’t have to mangle their art into paid social like an art director. And copywriters don’t have to write kitchen-sink briefs like some strategists.

We get to do the cool stuff and bang out the lame stuff from Starbucks.

But I’m not a copywriter’s copywriter. I don’t have a movie script. I never wanted to write a Great American Novel. I’m not obsessed with…

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